Mario Accumanno

The best decision of my life was when I decided to contact Ken! Shortly after meeting him and realizing his depth of knowledge, I decided to begin my personal training program with him. I started at 290 lbs, had sleep apnea, poor eating habits, was fighting depression and had an extreme amount of joint pain in both of my knees due to the amount of weight I was carrying around for years.

I worked with Ken over the course of a year and lost 35 pounds. I became stronger and more confident in myself as well as my journey. However, I knew something was still off with myself. Even with my weight loss and our amazing progress together, Ken and I agreed that I should see a physician concerning my continued weight/problematic knee issues. Around this time, per request of the doctor, I had to unfortunately put our personal training on hold.

I eventually made the decision to go for Bariatric surgery. However, I had a long waiting period before the surgery could commence. During this time, I had reached a whopping 306 pounds. Finally, in April, I had the Gastric Sleeve Surgery and within 10 months of resuming personal training with Ken, I lost 100 pounds. I am now down to almost 200 pounds!

I now feel great, my sleep apnea has gone away and I am able to move around much better! I still have minor joint pain in my knees from years of carrying around so much weight, but Ken and I are working together to correct my muscular imbalances before progressing me to more advanced movements.

Ken has always been a great personal trainer! He takes the time to sit down with his clients and do a proper consultation so that you will have a fitness program specifically designed for you! He is tough when he needs to be, but I am also proud to say he is also a great friend!