Bryan Reeves

I just turned 34 years old and was not the “in-shape” person I was in my 20’s. Likewise, I wasn’t feeling all that great about myself and how I looked. I had always had around a 32″ waist, but now weighed in at 241 pounds, 31.21% body fat, and a size 38″ waist. I decided in that moment that it was time that I took control of my weight and appearance so I decided to meet with Ken for a complimentary personal training appointment. I am so glad I did!

I had worked with a personal trainer once in my early 20’s and really didn’t get much out of that experience so I was a little bit skeptical going into this. On my initial visit with Ken, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was more interested in helping me reach my goals through more than just lifting weights. Instead, he explained how my core strength combined with weight training, proper nutrition, and cardio would not only give me the results I desired, but would also be a lifestyle change for me.

Ken immediately had me keep a food journal of everything I ate, which we reviewed together once a week during one of my training sessions. He also had me perform a series of exercises during my assessment that provided him the knowledge of where I was physically and how he should proceed with my training protocol. From there, the results began to show immediately. Within 2 weeks of our first session together, I began to notice my clothes fitting better. I was sleeping better and felt like I had so much more energy during my day.

I continued working with Ken for 8 months while my body, mind, and spirit had changed dramatically for the better. I lost 20 pounds of physical weight, my body fat went down to 17.05%, I was fitting into clothes that I didn’t wear in the last few years and my body was transformed into something I never thought it could be – a powerful, strong machine!

It was Ken’s willingness to examine and help aid my current habits/lifestyle along with specifically creating a customized program for me that kept my full interest, but ultimately kept me coming back! His knowledge of nutrition, the human body, and physical fitness is extensive and a huge asset to any client he works with. It would be my pleasure to recommend Ken to any person looking to make a positive change in their life.