Lexa Begina

My first year at college was great, but the freshman 15 is very real my friends! So what did I do the moment I got home from school? I started looking for ways to get rid of those dreaded extra pounds!

Training with Ken the past two months has completely changed my view on fitness. I have never been one to go to the free weight section of the gym, let alone know where to begin with weight training in general. I have always done the elliptical, stair master, treadmill, etc — any form of cardio I could do to “get skinny.” It never really got me the real results I wanted in the end. Yeah, I lost weight, but I was killing myself in the gym doing an insane amount of cardio and still was not pleased with my “shape.”

Ken taught me the tools I needed in order to build a solid foundation so that I can now continue to build upon myself now that I am back in school! I truly never knew what I was capable of achieving until now. The workouts were always customized to me and included monthly body fat testing, which held me accountable. I also received a personalized nutrition plan whereby I documented everything I ate. Ken also checked my nutrition every training session until him and I perfected it together.

Within two months, I lost 12 lbs, decreased my body fat by 6.7 %, lost 14.32 lbs of fat and gained 3.72 lbs of muscle!

I am back at school now and have been able to lose an additional 10 lbs so far using what I learned from our personal training sessions together. Being able to continue on my own has proven that my time spent training with Ken was more than worth it! He is by far the best personal trainer in South Florida!

Will I be back to workout with him on my breaks? Duh!! Thanks for everything, all love!