Daniel Bonnett

When I first decided to find a personal trainer, I had three requirements:

1. A person who understood the importance of being “healthy” in terms of my well being and not what they thought I should be.

2. A personal trainer who would not yell at me, but actually teach me how to focus on each challenge. This would not only help me focus in the gym, but would also help be a good influence in my life.

3. Someone with a vast knowledge of the human body and exactly which variations of exercises would work best to accomplish my goal.

I found Ken Constantine by pure luck and he changed the way I looked at the definition of being healthy and fit. Ken was a professional from the moment we had our first conversation. He asked me about what I wanted to accomplish and it wasn’t “what he could do for me,” but how he could assist me in reaching the goals I wanted to set for myself. During our workouts, he explained the technical aspect of the task at hand, how I needed to approach the task, and the reasons why.

Ken has such an understanding of the body and how it works. He helped me through the guilt and fear of the past and pointed me toward my future.  It didn’t take me long before I started looking at each session as an opportunity to learn instead of an obligation. During my time with Ken, I went from 30.27% body fat to 24.25%. Likewise, I was able to drop from 49.95 pounds of fat to 40.49 pounds while increasing my lean mass from 115.05 to 123.03 pounds. When it comes to your health, you need a personal trainer who will actually listen to your concerns, focus on your goals, and understand how to keep you motivated by celebrating your successes.  I firmly believe that if you are ready for the challenge, Ken is definitely your man!