Wayne LeBlanc

I met Ken years back when we first began working together. Minutes into my very first consultation with Ken, I knew instantly that I wanted to train with him. I signed up for only a few sessions. I had not been in a gym in years, while having some issues with my knees. With his vast knowledge about the human body and body mechanics, he was able to design a workout program that allowed me to achieve a level of fitness that I didn’t think was possible at my age.

Fast forward to my 56th birthday. I was a year into being single after ending a 12 year relationship. I was 188 pounds, suffering from anxiety attacks, depressed, and thinking life sucks. My doctor suggested taking antidepressants. Instead, I said “let me try exercise and healthier eating first.”

With some time having passed, I contacted Ken again and set up a consultation to continue where we left off before. That was just about a year ago and I am not the same person, physically and mentally. I feel better than I have in years and I look better than I ever have.

When I met with Ken, he asked me what my goals were. One of the things I jokingly said was, “Is it possible for a 56 year old to have a six pack? He said yes. Although, truthfully never being my goal, I can now say that I have that six pack! I’m also in the best shape of my life! I look and feel fantastic!

I am a completely different person! People compliment me every day on how good I look and that I don’t look my age. THAT’S THE BONUS!! The prize is truly how I feel. I have confidence I have never had. I feel strong and I will never use age as an excuse!

If you are looking for someone who will transform your life, Ken will get you there. Overall, I lost 26 pounds, having previously been at 28% body fat. I am now at 12% body fat and have gained muscle that I thought wasn’t possible. I will say it again.

I feel great!!!! That’s all I ever wanted. Thank you Ken for showing me that everything and anything is possible!